Adam is a Software Engineer working in the CERN ALICE team for more than 10 years. He has contributed to O2 system design by simulating data transfers to optimize memory, network, and inter-CPU link usage. In addition, he has studied the high-throughput networking effect. Adam initiated the transition towards web-based GUIs that are currently heavily used in the ARC: QC, InfoLogger, ECS, and Bookkeeping. He also designed and implemented monitoring pipelines to provide the data-taking status in Grafana dashboards. Recently, he has been focussing on improving DevOps concepts in the FLP team such as Continuous Testing and Deployment. He is one of the FLP experts and has been a part of the RP expert team for several years.

Adam’s mandate will be fully devoted to proton-proton physics production at 500 kHz, where the focus will be on high data-taking efficiency and optimal data quality.