ALICE Run Manager (29 April - 12 May 2024): Daiki Sekihata

Daiki Sekihata is a postdoc from the University of Tokyo and a specialist in electromagnetic probes. In 2015 he was deputy System Run Coordinator of the PHOS detector when ALICE took the first Pb-Pb data at 5.02 TeV in Run 2. During Long Shutdown 2, he was involved in the upgrade of the TPC, in particular in the installation and pre-commissioning of the GEM detectors in the clean room at Point 2. He also took two Run Manager mandates in Run 3, one in 2022 and another in 2023. Daiki is actively involved in physics data analysis. He was the coordinator of the low-mass di-electron PAG from July 2020 to February 2023 and is currently PWG-EM convener since October 2023.

During his mandate, Daiki will supervise the production of proton-proton physics at 500 kHz, and will coordinate the software upgrades according to the LHC schedule.



Daiki, seen together with last week’s run manager, Silvia.