ALICE Run Manager (18 - 31 March 2024): Krystian Roslon


Krystian is a young physicist from WUT in Poland. He joined ALICE in 2016, where he performed data analysis with femtoscopy techniques. In 2022 Krystian joined the FIT team and contributed substantially to the development of the unified slow control of the three FIT detectors, and to FV0 in particular. In addition, he was appointed as FIT Deputy System Run Coordinator in 2022 and 2024, and FIT System Run Coordinator in 2023. As such, he has strong experience in ALICE operations and data taking. 

During his mandate, Krystian will supervise the finalization of the commissioning with SYNTHETIC and REPLAY runs and the orchestration of the ALICE operations together with the ongoing LHC commissioning. Krystian will also have the challenge of organizing the data taking with the first proton-proton collisions of the year, at 900 GeV, during the first week of his mandate.



Krystian and Maciej (the next RM after Krystian) working together!