Luca is a post-doc in the Torino ALICE group. He is a specialist in the MID gas system and a member of the PWG-DQ. He defended his thesis in April 2023 on the development of eco-friendly gas mixtures for Resistive Plate Chambers (RPC), and he is currently the ALICE representative for EcoGas@GIF++ collaboration. Moreover, he is in charge of a service work task to extract the MID efficiencies and store the results in the CCDB, to improve the accuracy of the Monte Carlo simulations.

Luca is also one of the ALICE Junior representatives since March 2022, and therefore a member of the collaboration board. For what concerns operations at Point 2, Luca is a very experienced Shift Leader and Run Manager, having already covered many shifts and RM blocks in Run 3. He will also be back for an additional Run Manager mandate during the heavy-ion period this year. 

Luca will start his present mandate by supervising the detector maintenance and central system tests during the LHC Technical Stop (TS). The TS will be followed by a short LHC intensity ramp-up, during that time Luca will coordinate the detector calibrations and interaction rate scans up to 4 MHz, with positive magnet polarity.

In the last part of his mandate, he will supervise the production of proton-proton physics at 500 kHz, aiming at the best possible data quality and data-taking efficiency!

For more information, refer to Run Coordination.