Advertise for a Ph.D. student position at the University of Cagliari for ALICE and future heavy ion experiments (urgent)

Submitted by jcachet on Wed, 08/12/2020 - 08:05

2 phd scholarship is opened at the University of Cagliari for a research project in ALICE and future heavy ion experiments. Within ALICE, emphasis will be run3 data analysis, on the ITS3 physics and the development of the new inner tracking layers for run4. Additionally, the candidate can join other activities related to future heavy ion experiments. Both Italian and non-Italian candidates can apply to this position.

Scientific responsible: Prof. Gianluca Usai (

An additional position reserved to foreign students is also opened with possibility to work on the same research line.

Deadline for both applications: 27th August 2020

Ranking of all foreign candidates for both positions will be based on the following criteria:

o   Evaluation of (i) CV and (ii) any certified qualification (e.g. languages, computer skills, high-formation courses);

o   Evaluation of the reference letters. The reference letters -duly dated and signed- should be provided in English, according to the form which can be dowloaded form the following link (Istruzioni per l’iscrizione al concorso e modulistica -allegato C), and on the headed form of the belonging institution;

o   Personal interview, addressing the background culture, motivations, and inclinations of the candidate

Further instructions are available at the following link: