The Muon Forward Tracker (MFT) is a new high resolution Si-tracking detector installed in front of the Muon Spectrometer and inside its acceptance to extend the precision measurements of the QGP fundamental properties towards the forward rapidity region after the Long Shutdown 2 (LS2). The MFT consists of two half-cones containing five detection half-disks placed along the beamsaxis between −460 mm and −768 mm away from the interaction point. It covers the pseudo-rapidity domain −3.6 < η < −2.5. The basic detection element is a silicon pixel sensor, developed for both ITS and MFT, called ALPIDE. The 920 silicon pixel sensors of the MFT are assembled, using the same technology as for the new ITS, on 280 ladders of 2, 3, 4 or 5 sensors each. The read-out electronics, common to both ITS and MFT, has been jointly developed by the two projects. The MFT project is developed by a team of physicists, engineers and technicians coming from 14 Institutes over 10 countries in Europe, Asia, India and South America.

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