ALICE finds that charm hadronisation differs at the LHC (article in


Fraction of charm quarks that hadronise to form each species of mesons (quark-antiquark) or baryons (three quarks).
The ALICE measurements in proton-proton collisions show a larger fraction of baryons than those at colliders using electron beams.


    • ALICE physics briefing for LHCP2021: 7-12 June 2021: The ALICE Collaboration has presented several new physics results at the LHPC2021 conference this week, as well as the ongoing major detector upgrade for the LHC Run 3, prospects for further upgrades for Run 4, and for a completely new heavy-ion detector for Run 5 and beyond.

      ALICE Highlights and Perspectives were presented in the talk by Mateusz Ploskon. The detector upgrades and future prospects are described in the presentation by Christian Lippmann on Upgrades for ALICE. A selection of the main physics highlights is reported in this briefing.
    • ALICE 3 Workshop, 14 - 18 Jun 2021: The second ALICE 3 workshop will be held ONLINE; please register if you plan to attend.
    • Next ALICE Physics forum will be held on 23 June.
    • ALICE week: 28 June - 2 July.



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          All publications of the ALICE Collaboration submitted to Refereed Journals are in the link here.

          New ALICE paper submissions appear in twitter: ALICE_Publications



          New ALICE paper submissions appear in twitter: ALICE_Publications

          NEWS FROM POINT 2

          • General: ALICE shift booking  is open since 12 May. Shift booking description can be found here.

          Commissioning at P2 is progressing well for all central and subsystems. 

          • TPC:  Track, PID and Raw digits combined QC with merger tested. Laser 1 replaced and tests continued with sync R/O with laser ongoing.
          • ITS:  AliECS test with full inner barrel ongoing.
          • MFT: DCS commissioning ongoing. Noise scan in progress.
          • MCH: Commissioning on ST2, CH7, CH9 in progress. Working on QC mergers for MCH QC workflow for ZS data.
          • SW: working on QC mergers for MCH QC workflow for ZS data. contact central teams when ready.
          • TRD: BUSY successfully tested today using CRU emulator. Xe filling finished
          • FT0/FV0: Surface commissioning has been completed for FV0. Now integration tests are ongoing for preparing for installation at P2 (21 June). 

          LS2 Milestones:


          Activity Milestone (v46)
          25 Jan – 12 May
          OB: 16 Mar – 23 Apr
          IB: 6 May – 12 May
          ITS standalone commissioning 13 May - 18 Jun
          FIT-A 21 – 25 Jun
          Transport. to P2: 18 Jun
          RB24 beampipe 28 Jun – 9 Jul
          BCM-A 13 Jul
          BLMs 14 Jul
          ZEM 15 Jul
          FDD-A 12 – 16 Jul
          Close L3 doors 19 - 21 Jul
          ITS & MFT commissioning time 2 weeks
          LHC pilot beam test W42-43 (tbc)
          ALICE global commissioning time 4 months (18weeks)
          End of LS2 – stop UX25 access (contingency) 1 Feb 2022 (2.5 months)







                  CURRENT CONFERENCES AND SCHOOLS (starting this week)
                  SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES (events within 3 months or deadline within 1 month)
                    • QCD21, Montpellier, France, 5 - 9 July 2021, abstract deadline 18 June.
                    • OFFSHELL 2021, CERN, Switzerland - online, 6-9 July, abstract deadline 15 June.
                    • ISMD2021 - Pitlochry, Scotland - online, 12-16 July 2021, abstract deadline 15 June.
                    • PARTICLEFACE 2021, Zagreb, 14-16 July 2021, abstract deadline 30 June.

                    • Hadron2021, Mexico City - online, 26-31 July, abstract deadline 15 June.
                    • BOOST 2021, CERN, online, 2 - 5 August, abstract deadline 18 June.
                    • DPG meeting, Germany - online, 30 August - 3 September, abstract deadline 1 July
                    • PANIC 2021, Lisbon, Portugal, 5 - 10 September, abstract deadline 20 June.
                    • PSD12, Birmingham, UK - hybrid, 12-17 September, abstract deadline 31 May.
                    • NUCLEUS 2021, St. Petersburg, Russia - hybrid, 20-25 September, abstract deadline 15 June.
                    • KKIO 2021, Krakow, Poland, 21 - 23 September, abstract deadline 15 June.
                    • AISIS, Mexico City - online, 11-15 October, abstract deadline 30 June
                    • YETI 2021 school, Durham, UK - online, 5-9 July, registration deadline 5 July.

                    • INFIERI 2021 school, Madrid, Spain, 23 August - 4 September, registration deadline 15 June

                    JOB OPPORTUNITIES

                    Application deadline
                    Postdoc position in ATLAS Georg-August-University Gottingen 25 June 2021
                    Postdoctoral position Nuclear Sciences Institute (ICN) of National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico. Contact: please contact Antonio Ortiz  
                    Industrial Controls Computing Engineer CERN 28 June 2021
                    Software Engineer CERN 12 July 2021
                    Software Engineer CERN 28 June 2021
                    Data Engineer CERN 23 June 2021
                    Postdoctoral Research Assistant AIDAInnova University of Oxford 16 Jul 2021
                    Postdoctoral Fellow Nuclear Science Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  
                    Postdoc position in STAR and/or CEE experiments Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)  
                    Postdoctoral fellow in Particle Physics on the ALICE experiment at CERN Lund University, Faculty of Science, Department of Physics 15 June 2021
                    Postdoctoral Position in the CMS group ETH Zürich 18 June 2021
                    PhD positions in the CMS group ETH Zürich with detector R&D activities 18 June 2021
                    Postdoc position The Stefan Meyer Institute for Subatomic Physics in Vienna 1 July 2021


                                 Please refer to Job Announcements link for details.


                    OUTREACH NEWS

                    • Visits (all group guided tours) are officially cancelled until end of August.

                      Extremely rare visits organised by Protocol or Press office or professional visits approved by a Department Head or a Spokesperson may still be possible.

                      CERN is gradually reopening to visitors: website has been updated to inform the public of reopening plans.
                    • ALICE Virtual visits: are announced in the official CERN catalogue. A list of virtual visits is announced in this visits link.
                      Virtual visits can be organised on demand (as long as we can find a native speaker) for remote institutes and also for High-School and University classes. Looking for guides (volunteers) who can be in Point 2 (surface or underground) as well as in remote locations. Please contact:

                      Saturday 5 June: ALICE Virtual visit was for physics students of the University of Thessaloniki and discussion about opportunities art CERN
                      Wednesday 9 June: ALICE virtual visit took place for interdisciplinary team from Florida state University
                        • Weekly activities open to everyone at CERN: from relaxing coffee meetings to High Intensity Training. CERN colleagues have put together a series of activities to help us stay connected in these challenging times. Find out what's coming up in the link here.


                        Are you curious about the Anti-Harrassment Framework at CERN? How much do you know about the CERN's Response Channel? What are the examples of behavior that should not be tolerated? This talk will cover all what you want to know.

                        Registration form and more info at the indico page. The event will be recorded. The registration is needed to receive a reminder about the start of the lecture and to inform you if the material is uploaded few days prior to the event.

                        ALICE Diversity Office website can be accessed here.


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