On 5 July, after more than three years of long shutdown, the physics season will start at the LHC with a new energy world record: pp at 13.6 TeV.

The launch of the LHC Run 3 will be streamed live on CERN’s social media channels and by high-quality Eurovision satellite link on 5 July starting at 4 PM. Live commentary in five languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish) from the CERN Control Centre will walk you through the operation stages that take proton beams from their injection into the LHC to collision points. A live Q&A session with experts from the accelerators and experiments will follow.

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During the Long Shutdown 2 (LS2), ALICE has completed major upgrades of the detector with two main objectives: to increase the data-taking rate by about two orders of magnitude and to enhance its track reconstruction efficiency and precision for the detection of short-lived particles containing heavy-flavor quarks. With this, ALICE expects to continue its scientific journey at the LHC for many years to come.


Interview of Luciano Musa for the start of Run 3, the LHC physics programme at the highest-ever energy (Video: CERN)


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