The ALICE Newsletter No. 248






  • Publication and Authorlist status (message from EB Chairs):
    • The author list (AL) and acknowledgment files for all ALICE papers that were submitted without author list and that are already accepted by the journal have been generated. EB requests you to check the new files, and make sure you are properly listed and that your ORCID is present and correct. Please send any correction you may have by next Wednesday March 22nd to

      The message from EB Chiars along with the list of publication is in the link here (needs ALICE access).
  • The Public Note entitled "Upgrade of the Inner Tracking System during LS3: study of physics performance" is now Open for Comments until 2023-03-29. You are all invited to add your comments by visiting the document link.
  • Call for the ALICE Thesis Award 2022-2023deadline 1 April 2023:
    • Fresh doctors (PhD) are encouraged to submit their thesis for the ALICE Thesis Award.
    • The defense of the thesis (written in English) should be between 1 April 2022 - 31 March 2023.
  • Pb-Pb collision energy in 2023: Pb-Pb run this year will have beam Energy of 6.8 Z TeV or √𝑠NN= 5.36 TeV (as decided by the LHC Machine Committee and supported by all experiments).



        Papers currently open for comments can be inspected using the link: Paper in Collaboration Review (Open for Comments).


        • [CRITICAL] missing central shifters for the next month of operations and especially from the 6 to 20 April where we expect regular physics fills at injection energy
          • Missing QC shifter full block starting 30 March
          • Missing DCS shifter full block starting 5 April
          • Missing ECS shifter full block starting 7 and 9 April
          • Missing SL 24 March morning, 25 March morning, 25 March March night, 26 March night, 27 March night, Full blocks starting 28 March, 1 April, 5 April, 9 April, 13 April

            Thanks to all collaborators who booked blocks, answered positively to all our solicitations and are giving help for data taking. The situation already considerably improved for most cases.
           * Shifts available for all positions until mid-September, all institutes should target to reach 75% shift booking by mid-September
          • Book your shift via SAMS
          • Instructions in the section "Starting central shifts" of the operation website
        • Central operation activities:
          • Machine Power converter unlocked, powering tests ongoing in all sectors
          • 18 and19 March Cosmics data taking without magnets for alignement
          • No access between 20 March 6 PM to 21 March 8:30 AM
          • Experimental cavern closed 22 March at 10 AM
          • Beam expected in the machine next week
          • STABLE BEAM at injection energy : 6-9 April 2023, more fills exepcted
          • First STABLE BEAM at 13.6 TeV expected on 20  April 2023


        CURRENT CONFERENCES AND SCHOOLS (starting this week)
        SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES (events within 3 months or deadline within 1 month)



        • Message from Junior representatives (Carolina, Hannah, Luca):
          • The next Ambassador meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 21st from 1-2pm CERN time. Connection details are on the indico page.
          • Thanks to everyone who attended the second Healthy Minds for Masterminds Workshop for our Collaboration. Please, take a few minutes to answer this feedback survey.
            It will be very helpful for Sarah Speziali and the organisers to follow up on the workshop.
          • The call for candidates for the next Junior Representative taking over Hannah’s mandate on 1 August is open. If you consider to run, contact the Juniors Committee.
          • There are still many empty shifts which need to be filled urgently! Please consider to take shifts in order to help getting our experiment back running.


        • Visit to ALICE:    underground visits ended.
          • Friday 10 Mar: ADACE38, France
            • Saturday 11 Mar: Université Populaire de Bonneville, France         
              • Monay 13 Mar: TU Munich, Germany
                • Tuesday 14 Mar: Avgoulea-Linardatos School, Greece; 6th General Lyceum of Kalamaria, Greece
                  • Wednesday 15 Mar: Bruksgymnasiet, Sweden
                    • Thursday 16 Mar: IES Canada Real, Spain
                    • Friday 17 Mar:  Hellenic College, Thessaloniki, Greece; Polish Teachers Programme
                      • Virtual Visits to ALICE:
                        • Monday 13.3 High-schools from Baden-Württemberg, Germany
                        • Tuesday 14.3 Participants in Particle Therapy Masterclasses (Algeria, North Macedonia)
                        • Thursday 16.3 Liceo Valenza, Italy
                      • International masterclasses - hands-on particle physics:  This year the 19th edition of International Masterclasses is taking place during a period of 7 weeks, 13 February to 31 March 2023.
                        ALICE mastertclasses in the week 11 March February to 16 March 2023:
                        • Wednesday 15.3. ALICE masterclasses were held in Padova, Lyon, Salerno, Vratsa and Bologna


                      • 8th IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics (ICWIP2023): will be held from 10 to 14 July 2023 hosted by India.

                        The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) has recognised a particular need to foster the participation of women in physics. The IUPAP Conferences series on Women in Physics has a history not only of success and growth but also of making a difference to the physics community.

                      ALICE Diversity Office website can be accessed here.
                      Your feedback is extremely important, feel free to contact us at

                      JOB OPPORTUNITIES

                      Application deadline
                      Postdoctoral Research Associate  in Experimental Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics & JETSCAPE/XSCAPE Wayne State University.
                      Applications including a CV, list of publications, and three recommendation letters should be sent electronically to:
                      Prof. Joern Putschke
                      Open until filled.
                      Postdoc positions in Heavy-Ion Physics CCNU, Wuhan
                      Contact: Xiaofeng Luo
                      15 Mar 2024
                      Korea CMS postdoctoral positions Hanyang University 7 Apr 2023
                      Fermilab Intensity Frontier Fellowship Fermilab 14 May 2023
                      Postdoctoral position in particle physics IPHC Strasbourg 30 Sep 2023
                      Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Flavour Physics University of Oxford 18 Apr 2023
                      Fixed Term Researcher: Experimental Physics of Fundamental Interactions University of Florence 30 Mar 2023
                      Electronics Engineer CERN 13 Apr 2023
                      Detector Physicist (ALICE) STFC Daresbury Laboratory, UK 26 Mar 2023
                      Assistant professor University of Groningen (NL) 16 Apr 2023
                      Postdoctoral position in experimental Heavy-Ion Physics Warsaw University of Technology 31 Mar 2023
                      Post-Doctoral position in experimental nuclear and particle physics with the STAR experiment at RHIC University of Tarapacá, Chile 21 Mar 2023
                      Postdoctoral Research Associate Fermilab 19 May 2023
                      Post-doctoral position on experimental hadron physics The Laboratoire Irène-Joliot Curie (IJCLab) in Orsay, France. 1 May 2023
                      Applied Physicist (ATLAS Silicon Tracker Upgrade) CERN 2 Apr 2023
                      Asistant Professor The Institute for Nuclear Physics (IKP) of the Faculty of Physics at the University of Münster 15 Apr 2023
                      Lecturer in Physics (Sustainable Technology) The University of Liverpool. For more information, contact: Prof. Carsten Welsch 28 Mar 2023
                      PhD student position on a search for long-lived particles in CMS using machine learning techniques The Institute for High Energy Physics (HEPHY) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences 31 Mar 2023
                      Post-doctoral fellowship in Particle Physics (ALICE ITS3) Lund University 31 Mar 2023
                      Lecturer in Nuclear and Hadron Physics Glasgow University 16 Apr 2023
                      Postdoctoral Research Assistant for the ATLAS experiment Department of Physics, Oxford / CERN 11 Apr 2023
                      Postdoctoral Research Associate Fermilab 19 May 2023
                      Postdoctoral Position in experimental nuclear physics GANIL 15 Aprl 2023
             CERN 20 Mar 2023
                      Electronics Technical Engineer CERN 26 Mar 2023
                      Experimental Physicist (EP-DI-2023-4-LD) CERN 27 Mar 2023
                      Postdoctoral positions Universidade de São Paulo Brazil
                      Contact: Marcelo Munhoz
                      14 May 2023
                      Postdoctoral Associate (LHCb) The Laboratory for Nuclear Science, MIT 31 Mar 2023
                      Postdoc in Neutrino Physics Brookhaven National. Laboratory 1 May 2023
                      Postdoctoral Positions in Experimental Particle Physics Inst. High Energy Physics, Beijing 31 May 2023
                      Two Postdoctoral Positions in experimental particle physics Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 31 May 2023
                      Faculty positions in theoretical and experimental high energy physics School of Physics, Beijing Institute of Technology 31 Aug 2023
                      Postdoctoral position in experimental High Energy Heavy-ion Physics The Institute of Physics at Eötvös Loránd University 31Mar 2023

                                   Please refer to Job Announcements link for details.

                      Have a nice weekend and a great week ahead!