Frequently Asked Questions: COVID FAQ page.

New this week:

  • CERN's current teleworking measures have been extended until 14 May.
  • Stay well during Covid-19 while managing the demands of work, telework, family and personal life is key. CERN has a range of support structures for those who need them: details in the link here.
  • New measures in France announced on 31 March: details in the website here.
    - as of Saturday 3 April, the restrictions currently in force in 19 departments will be extended to the whole of mainland France for a period of four weeks.
    - during this time, travel beyond 10km is forbidden without a compelling reason. Within 10km, an attestation is not required, but is essential for any travel beyond this limit, and during the 7.00 pm to 6 am curfew that remains in place. The CERN attestation is still valid for professional travels beyond 10km and during curfew hours (
    - A revised vaccine roll-out plan is being put in place in France. Full details of all the new measures are available here.
  • In the Department of Ain, the new measures include wearing of masks for all those over 11 when within 50 meters of a range of public buildings, as well as at all times while outdoors in a number of large communities. In the Pays de Gex, these are Divonne, Ferney-Voltaire, Gex and Saint-Genis-Pouilly. It is also forbidden to consume alcohol or play loud music in public places, and home-deliveries are banned after 10.00 pm. Events such as jumble sales and garage sales are also banned (brocantes, vide-greniers and braderies). The new restrictions are similar in Haute-Savoie.
  • Measures in Switzerland: details in the website here.

         For any information and support regarding the quarantine period contact

    • ALICE secretariat opening next week: Wednesday 7 April from 8h30 to 12h30 and from 13h30 to 17h30.
      The ALICE secretariat will be exceptionally closed from 2 - 5 April.



      All publications of the ALICE Collaboration submitted to Refereed Journals are in the link here.

        New ALICE paper submissions appear in twitter: ALICE_Publications


        New ALICE paper submissions appear in twitter: ALICE_Publications


        Surface commissioning, commissioning at P2 and lab. and remote commissioning are progressing well for all central and subsystems.
        The main highlights of this week: more news on Technical Board presentations and ALICE Week Plenary.


        • ITS: Outer Barrel mechanical installation completed. starting to connect OB to services ongoing. Dry-runs during magnet tests performed. 
        • MFT: DCS and service commissioning ongoing. Noise scan was done and results similar to the surface tests. Power up tests during magnet tests were successful.
        • TPC: cooling consolidation ongoing. Preparation for cooling fin for VTRx cooling started with the test sector in the cleanroom. First full continuous cosmic data taking with magnets performed.
        • TOF: stress tests on FLP with full simulation of Pb-Pb at 50 kHz in one FLP and all links with O(10) multi-compressors performed. 1.7 GB/s compressed to 370 MB/s.
        • O2Post-MW3 activities ongoing (ECS-EPN integration, PHOS tests, MFT tests, MID tests).
        • L3 magnet: L3 ramped up 30 kA successfully.


        CURRENT CONFERENCES AND SCHOOLS (starting this week)
        SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES (events within 3 months or deadline within 1 month)
        • CHARM2020, online, 31 May - 4 June, abstract deadline 21 May.
        • LHCP 2021, Paris, France, 7-12 June, abstract deadline 5 April.
        • iWoRiD Radiation Imaging Detectors, Ghent, Belgium, 27 June - July 1, abstract deadline 9 April.
        • Sustainable HEP, CERN - online, 28 - 30 June 2021, abstract deadline 27 April.
        • Future of Open Science OAI12 CERN - online, 6 - 10 September 2021, abstract deadline April 27.


        Application deadline
        Associate Professor Research Center for Nuclear Physics (RCNP) at Osaka University, Japan 31 May 2021
        Detector physicist The PRISMA Detector Laboratory at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany 30 April 2021
        Research Assistant/Associate in LHCb University of Cambridge 30 April 2021
        Postdoctoral researcher position in ALICE The Quark Gluon Plasma Laboratory (LQGP) of CEA Paris-Saclay 20 April 2021
        Postdoctoral Research Associate (ATLAS) California State University, East Bay, and US-ATLAS 30 April 2021
        Two ALICE postdoc positions University of Bergen 5 April 2021
        sPHENIX postdoc position Los Alamos National Laboratory  
        Early Stage Researcher leading to a PhD degree INFN Trieste  
        Assistant Project Scientist (EIC Project) University of California, Riverside 30 May
        sPHENIX postdoc position BNL  
        Postdoctoral Research Associate Warsaw University of Technology (STAR Group) 30 April
        POLONEZ BIS funding scheme programme Polish National Science Centre  
        Postdoctoral Research Associate In Experimental Nuclear, Particle, And Hadronic Physics University of Connecticut 9 April
        ALICE junior postdoctoral research position IJCLab, Orsay 1 May


        • CERN group guided tours on site are cancelled until the end of June 2021 at least.
        • ALICE Virtual visits are announced in the official CERN catalogue:
        • Open Virtual visits to ALICE (for the general public) have been recently launched. Guides willing to help, either from CERN at Point 2 or from remote locations, please contact

                           The ALICE open virtual visit on Tuesday 30 March was followed by 45 persons.
                           The next open virtual visit will be on Tuesday 12 April (indico link).

            • Weekly activities open to everyone at CERN: from relaxing coffee meetings to High Intensity Training. CERN colleagues have put together a series of activities to help us stay connected in these challenging times. Find out what's coming up in the link here.


            ALICE Diversity Office website can be accessed here.